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Portraits, commercial, and passports are our speciality

Welcome to Castle Studios, which as its name suggests, is located just down the hill from Guildford Castle and is just a couple of minutes walk from Guildford High Street.

The studio was opened in 1987 and has been run since by myself, Malcolm Roberts BSc.

It has provided a professional and personal photographic service to the Guildford and surrounding communities for over 30 years.Castle Studios-02

The studio is usually open from Tuesday to Saturday, from 9 am to 5 pm, and provides photographic services from the most humble passport costing £15, right up to the grandest wedding costing thousands.

Over the years it has provided all sorts of photographic coverage, from the expected family and business portraits, weddings etc., through to the more esoteric – like photography of ancient crypts, gas cylinders, car accident sites (and victims!), and from rock bands to geological rock cores. Sometimes it can be as tedious as photographing cracks in the walls of buildings and sometimes it is as exciting as taking photographs hanging out of helicopters with the doors removed or standing up in sports convertible at 30 mph, with the roof down and someone hanging on to my waist to stop me falling out!

The variety has been exciting and interesting, but the most rewarding and the most enjoyable of all of the subject matters has been the varied and interesting people I have photographed. And so with time the photography of people in all of its various forms has come to be my greatest speciality.

Whatever the occasion, it is making the experience enjoyable and relaxed that is the key to the final photograph. Many people have left the studio saying, “I was dreading this, but actually it has been great fun!” – Please look in the “Testimonials” section to read some of this feedback.

In the past 30 years I have photographed 1000 weddings and well in excess of 8000 portrait and commercial shoots.

You are always welcome to drop into the studio to chat things through and to see some work. I would always recommend a call beforehand because there are many times when I am out on location shooting and sometimes, even at short notice, it is necessary to close the studio until my return.

At Castle studios we pride ourselves on the quality of our work and our level of service, and over the years we have come to specialise in a number of photographic fields:

Portrait photography8495-05

We undertake all types of portraiture, from families to pets and corporate portraits for websites are a speciality.

Commercial, corporate and business photography

With over 30 years local experience there are few subjects that we haven’t tackled in one form or another.Corporate-32

For Commercial purposes we usually provide printable CD’s or USB’s with HI-res and Lo-res folders of images (for print and screen respectively).

We will provide copyright release without extra charge and am happy to re-size or retouch images as requested. (Extensive retouching would be chargeable).

Passport and ID photographyPassport3

If you would prefer not to look like an escaped convict in your next passport photo then pop in and let us make you look like a Hollywood A list celeb in your passport.