Passport, Visa and ID Photography

We can undertake any type of passport, visa or ID photos. The fact that some require unusual specifications is not a problem.

If you would prefer not to look like an escaped convict in your next passport photo then pop in and let us make you look like a Hollywood A list celeb in your passport.

We regularly do other European countries, some of which are trickier than other (Germany, Ireland etc. with odd head sizes), and we also routinely do Chinese visas (48mm x 33mm), Russian visas, Canadian passports (7cm x 5cm with a stamp), visas and citizenship application with signature strips, Brazilian and Columbian passports, Indian visas (50mm square) – as are USA passports and visas, Australian passports (odd head position and size!), Greek passports (40mm x 60 mm), Malaysian with a blue background, Indonesian with a red background – if you know what the specification is, we can make it.

If you need it as a soft version (i.e. the image file, then we can do that too). A USA visa image which has to be less than 240 Kb and approx. 900 x 900 pixels is a usual request.

The cost of a standard passport (anything 45mm x 35mm) is £15 for a set of 4 images. If you require 8 copies of a standard 45mm x 35mm it will be £20.

If it is an odd size, shape or colour of background, (anything other than 45mm x 35mm) it will be £20.

The image file costs an additional £5.

Please fell free to call for a specific quote if you are unsure.

If I am free I am happy for people to just drop by, but I often go out to take photographs. If you want to be sure that I am available I strongly advise that you make an appointment – 01483 504121